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motorized metal plates AV orchestra

Alberto Barberis | music, live electronics, design
Giacomo Cardelli | violoncello
Rajan Craveri | visual art

INVISIBLE THROUGH BACH is an immersive multimedia art-work in which an architecture of motorized metal plates reflects light and music. A multi-perceptual concert which gives birth to a bio-technological organism.
The performance takes place in two separate spaces simultaneously: while in the main scene an immersive installation of metal plates vibrates, at the background a cellist plays an invisible homage to J.S. Bach.
The result is a dystopian experience, in which the classical heritage is entrusted with the role of memory. The rest is artifice of technological tools: industrial materials, motors, lights, codes, and techno-noise sounds. Elements of humanity, but also subjects of a growing dehumanizations: the socio-cultural drift that brings out the scream of this work.


  • Music