CSF Conference - Advanced sleep modulating technologies


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Advanced sleep modulating technologies: impact on research, health, and society.

Despite that sleep is a crucial factor for wellbeing and healthy development, it remains unclear which sleep-related biological mechanisms underlie its positive effects on health and performance, and how these interactions can improve health and productivity. This conference will address this question by assembling internationally renowned scientists and representatives from industry from a wide range of disciplines (neurosciences, engineering, computer/data science, epidemiology, ethics, and economics). Through an intensive transdisciplinary exchange on the topics of sleep and technology, we will ultimately shape novel concepts for application-oriented and translational research to have a beneficial impact on sleep and society.

Conference by Prof. Dr. Walter Karlen, IRIS, ETH Zürich.


Informations and reservations:
Congressi Stefano Franscini, [email protected]   


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