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Red Cell Research on the Mount of Truth.

Red blood cell research is very dynamic, getting its new face from interdisciplinary multifaceted approaches. Clinical hematologists and researchers work side by side with engineers and pharmacologists in individual research groups, and large international consortia.
Following the traditions of European Red Cell Club since its 1st meeting in Frankfurt am Main in 1976, the modern European Red Cell Society (ERCS) is at the center of these activities changing of our fundamental understanding of what red blood cells are.
At the 22nd ERCS meeting, biologists, chemists, physicists, doctors, and innovative SMEs from all over the world will celebrate their achievements, exchange opinions, and move forward in merging science, translational medicine and technology related to Red Blood Cells.

Conference by Prof. Dr. Timm Schröder, ETH Zürich in Basel.


Informations and reservations:
Congressi Stefano Franscini, [email protected]   


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