Caviegn Folk Festival



Music festival, gastronomy and traditional folklore, handicraft.


The program:

at 14.00h market, with local products (like the farina bóna) and music with Paulus Von Gurin and with the Smargass

at 14.00h - 22.00h American lottery

at 14.00h - 18.00h entertainment for children

at 16.30h - 18.00h free course of argentinian tango with Juan Vincenti and Sylvia Bagli

at 15.00h/16h00h/17h00h "La strana storia del torchio di Cavigliano", with Silvio Marazzi and Alberto Milani

at 18.00h apertitif in musica with the Trio Loco (Jan Laurenz, Moreno Fontana, Peo Mazza

at 19.00h dinner mit risotto and luganiga

at 19.30h music with the Trio Loco

at 21.30h El Muro, concert and milonga

at 22.30h gran finale with the Trio Fregüi (Ivo Maggetti, Stefan Früh, Ilario Garbani Marcantini


The day will be held with any weather conditions!

Organization: Ilario Garbani & friends with the dicasterocultura Terre di Pedemonte



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