Centovallina 1923-2023' exhibition - Locarno-Domodossola: a journey through space and time



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100 years of the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway told by the Museo Regionale delle Centovalli e del Pedemonte!

In light of the importance of the Locarno-Domodossola railway line for the area it serves, the Museo Regionale delle Centovalli e del Pedemonte is participating in the jubilee with an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Centovallina.

The exhibition develops along two axes. The main one proposes a "journey" between the two terminuses through about fifty photographs taken in the 1980s by Cavigliano photographer Fredo Meyerhenn. The images, mostly unpublished, focus on the details of a line that, also because of its cross-border nature, has a history rich in anecdotes and experiences to which most people in this region are attached.

In a final exhibition space, the exhibition finally goes back to more distant times, bringing attention to the life and work of the builders of the line. The pre-Alpine terrain through which the railway passes is impassable and put a strain on the engineers and numerous workers who built bridges, tunnels, cleared rock and reclaimed land for almost ten years to enable the tracks to join the two towns at the terminus. This last part of the exhibition, one hundred years later, is therefore intended as a tribute to the determination and hard work of these men.


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