Cie Fluctus “I’m not a Hero”



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"I'm not a Hero" addresses the theme of heroism and its contemporary manifestations through physical theater.

An audience in a circle, two bodies crushing, two stories touching, the whole thing drowning in a puddle of good intentions.

Based on the assumption that being a hero or heroine today consists of the act of stepping out of one's comfort zone to act in everyday situations where the other would need help, Kevin Blaser and Faustino Blanchut - authors and performers on stage - question what forces are working in the opposite direction.

The title of the show refers to an excuse behind which one hides in order not to expose oneself, not to run the risk of being vulnerable, and to justify one's inability to emerge, at times, from a passivity that allows one to remain in the comfort and warmth of anonymity.

Winning project: PREMIO - Performing Arts Encouragement Award 2023

With: Kevin Blaser, Faustino Blanchut

For all audiences, ages 7 and up | 50 min. without a break | In Italian, French, and German

Date and time of the event: 

10.05.2024 at 20:00
11.05.2024 at 20:00


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