Cie Jeu de Paume "Au commencement" al Teatro Dimitri



With graduates of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri.

“Au commencement” is a meditative charade about faith. Faith in God, faith in Art, faith in others. Is faith really sincere? This piece is a charade as it uses the code of comedy; it is meditative as everybody has to deal with its topic. The artists hope to attract the audience with their insane humor and their self-mockery, but at the same time they engage in reflection: does God exist? If he does, is he responsible for what happens or are we the ones to blame? Reflecting about the divine unlocks a series of existential questions that everybody handles in their own way: why should we do theater, in what should we have faith and where can it lead us? This theater piece explores pride and the need for legitimacy, the faith we show and the faith we live.

For everybody| 60 min | In French


  • Theatre

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