Cineclub “Le prénom” (Cena tra amici) 2012




Director: Alexandre de La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte

language: French with Italian subtitles

Vincent goes to dinner with his sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law Pierre. Their friend Claude is also invited. Waiting for his late wife Anne, Vincent finds himself the centre of attention. The two are in fact about to have a baby.

Everything is going well until a topic comes up that starts a series of problematic situations: the name chosen for the unborn child. When this is revealed, the tone of the conversation turns sour. Bickering and misunderstandings between hosts and guests give opportunity for old grudges and hidden secrets to bubble to the surface, until an (almost) unexpected event brings serenity back to the group.

CHF 14.-
CHF 12.- AVS
Members CHF 12.-


  • Theatre