Cineclub - “Oscar” (Io, due figlie, tre valigie) 1967




Directed by Édouard Molinaro, with Louis de Funès.
language: French with Italian subtitles

Christian Martin, an employee in a large company owned by Bertrand Barnier, shows up at his boss's house to ask for a 100% increase in his salary: he is about to propose to a girl and doesn't want to propose to her, as he has the salary of a humble accountant.
Barnier refuses and Martin confesses to him that he has stolen more than sixty million francs by falsifying the company's accounts. As a consequence of the fraud, Barnier discovers that he has filed false tax returns with the tax office.

Barnier then gives in, accepts Martin's blackmail and appoints him as vice-president. At this point Martin reveals that the woman he plans to marry is Barnier's daughter. The matter becomes complicated, however, because Barnier's daughter ...


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