Cinema Open Air Raiffeisen




This is a Raiffeisen tradition that represents an original and engaging way to enjoy films, and thanks to the collaboration between the Cevio Municipality and the Banca Raiffeisen Losone Pedemonte Vallemaggia, this event is proposed in a suggestive and unique setting, allowing everyone to enjoy an unforgettable experience of fun and entertainment, thus also fostering a sense of cohesion and belonging to one's own community.

The event sponsored by the Banca Raiffeisen Losone Pedemonte Vallemaggia is open to all (free admission) and will take place at the former swimming pool in Bignasco, on Sunday 20.08.2023 at 21.15, where the film "Luce - Accendere il tuo coraggio" will be screened.

The buvette will be run by the Gruppo Ricreativo Corpo Pompieri di Cevio.

Free Entry.

In case of bad weather a new date will follow