Clowns Without Borders Grand Gala



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A concentrate of fun,
an explosion of imagination,
a scorch of poetry...
The world of the clown is without borders, young and old are invited to this unique evening: a gala enlivened by international artists, comedy, music, juggling and lots of laughter.
A fun way to support the project of Clowns Without Borders Switzerland.

On stage: Wakouwa Theatre, cie. Les Diptik, Samuel Messerli, Julio Yanes and Daniele Bianco.
Outside eye: Nancy Fürst

Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity to support the humanitarian missions of Clowns Without Borders Switzerland.

Clowns Without Borders Switzerland (CWB-CH) is a nonprofit association, active since 2015, made up of clowns, performers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and intellectuals who reflect about the world we live in.
The association's mission is to meet people, especially children, who live in critical areas of the globe to create moments of relief and peace where they suffer traumatic experiences caused by war, violence, uprooting and natural disasters.
CWB-CH's missions bring smiles as a form of humanitarian aid.
CWB-CH is affiliated with the 14-nation Clowns Without Borders International federation, taking its work to more than 40 countries around the world.

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