Collina di Maia




Guided afternoon hike to the Maia Hill in the Arcegno-Losone area, an area rich in mystery and legends. From the centre of Arcegno, we enter the Bosco di Maia forest reserve on the hill of the same name, a protected area immersed in an evocative natural landscape. It is an ecosystem of surprising vitality and rare charm, where priority is given to nature and its spontaneous dynamics. As you explore the area, you come across the erratic boulder that the glacier abandoned on the top of a rock, from which you can enjoy a 360 degree panorama of the Locarno area and from which you can recognise the signs of the last glaciation, when the glacier smoothed the rocks, transported erratic boulders and modelled the rounded bumps and hollows, forming ponds and tiny peat bogs. Exploration also leads to the discovery of some rock carvings, the Chapel da Butt and the prehistoric cave Grotta dei Pagani, inside which is a botanical rarity, schistotega pennata, also called goblin gold or luminescent moss. A moss known for its phosphorescent appearance in dark places. Duration 3 hours walk. For registration, write to: [email protected] or call Monica Pongelli on 079 610 77 35 by Friday 21 June.

In case of rain, excursion cancelled.


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