Compagnia "Due" - OH!



Pure clowning, nonsense, the absurd, the unlikely, a fantasy world that explodes...

Compagnia DUE is made up of two surprising modern jesters, Andreas Manz and Bernard Stöckli. Since 1998, they have been providing humor and comedy for all. The DUE (two) of them, with deep sensitivity, vast experience, few words, and touching artistry, demonstrate how to turn the world upside down! Between clowning, mime, slapstick, improvisation, white and red clowns, Augustus and Monsieur Loyal, they pivot and exchange roles with ease.

With Andreas Manz, Bernard Stöckli

From the age of 4 years, without words.

Ticket prices:
adults CHF 28.00
students CHF 18.00
children until 14 years CHF 10.00

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