Compagnia Teatro Paravento "Di Matti, di William e altre divagazioni" al Teatro Dimitri



A “foolish conference-show” about the fool’s role in Shakespeare’s plays.

The fool is a contradictory figure that is often seen as negative. He is also identified with a lower type of entertainment. However, this character experienced sublime moments in the history of theater. Great authors like Shakespeare gave a remarkable artistic dignity back to the fool, while also recovering some of his lesser known aspects: his ability to express profound and convincing philosophical thoughts, his inclination to poetry and his critical attitude towards the situation he was forced to live in. This conference-show highlights these topics, using a mechanism that was dear to the fool, i.e. comedy.

Text and direction: Miguel Ángel Cienfuegos
Costumes and set design: Deborah Erin Parini
With Luisa Ferroni, Miguel Á. Cienfuegos

60 min. / In Italian


  • Theatre

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