Concerto "Clarinetto d'improvviso"




Clarinetto d’improvviso “…and the air created sound” with Marco Santilli (clarinets, compositions, improvisations)
A time to listen, contemplate, meditate, linger and stay...

"Improvising on your own is like thinking out loud… and being with one's thoughts is tied to loneliness. Moreover, the relationship with oneself is the most important. Being an only child, as a kid I liked playing alone. This I believe is something that has remained with me until this day.”

“It makes sounds come out of nowhere, carefree but with evocative power. It laughs and cries, is sometimes cheeky and shrill, then again gentle, enticing or mournful. No other wind instrument is able, like the clarinet, to voice a note quietly, to make it swell, decrease and fade away. Hence its priceless ability to produce a distant sound, the echo of an echo, a sound like twilight. It is the voice of heroic love.” Hector Berlioz

Marco Santilli was born in Locarno and grew up in Giornico. After the diplomas of orchestra, teaching and clarinet soloist (Premier Prix de Virtuosité) at the Conservatories of Zurich and Lausanne, he devoted himself to improvisation and composition by mixing various influences for a style that escapes classifications. Compositions were commissioned, among others, from the International Festival Alpentöne and Stubete am See. He has published nine albums under his name and has performed in Europe, Asia and the USA. As well as working as arranger of the cycle "Geschichten erzählen mit Musik" at the Zurich Opera House, he is also currently the conductor of the newly founded Swiss Clarinet Orchestra and is a member of the SUISA Distribution and Works Committee.
Marco Santilli is an official endorser of Henri Selmer Paris and Silverstein Works.


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