Conference-Cycle: Valmaggese in the World




The Valmaggese stonemasons in Valchiavenna.

Conference with historian Guido Scaramellini

Sala multiuso Cavergno

The Valmaggia Museum's lecture series focuses this year on the Valmaggese in the world, linking back to the recent temporary exhibition on Emilio Balli. The series of events is inaugurated on September 21 with a lecture dedicated to Valmaggese emigration by trade to Valchiavenna. Hosting the event will be historian Guido Scaramellini, president of the Centro di studi storici valchiavennaschi, an association particularly active in the research, preservation and dissemination of regional history. During the evening, Scaramellini will be on hand to illustrate the remarkable contribution of Valchiavenna stonemasons to the construction of numerous religious and civil buildings in Valchiavenna as early as the late 1500s, traces of which are still clearly visible today in the border town.

In collaboration with the Bavona Valley Foundation


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