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The Swiss Society of Female Artists
celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. 1902
Progressive women artists came together to form the GSMBK women artists’ community in order to
fight for it in a patriarchal society
to be recognized as an artist. the
Swiss association developed with the
years to a recognized professional association
- today SGBK - and currently about 200 professional artists are committed to the still so important
promotion and good networking.
For the anniversary year, the two municipalities of Asco na and Locarno invited the all-Swiss SGBK
their on the 50th anniversary of the right to vote and vote
of the women in the Federal Palace presented artistic
Intervention "Spazio alle Donne" now also in Ticino
demonstrate. At the same time, by the Zurich section of the
SGBK for this anniversary year exhibition "Connected in Art" opened in the Casa Serodine


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