Corrispondenze di immagini. Dalla memoria allo sguardo



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The photographic exhibition currently hosted in the headquarters of the Fondazione Remo Rossi is conceived as a continuum of the previous exhibition: "Gli atelier di Remo Rossi. Un luogo di creazione artitsica e di interscambio culturale", in which we focused on the history of the birth and meaning of Remo Rossi's ateliers, presenting the works of the artists who worked here and those still active in these spaces today. A look at the past that the Fondazione Remo Rossi wants to bring together again with the present, thanks to the photographic "Correspondences" between the images preserved in its archive, which portray Remo Rossi at work in his atelier, and new photographs that testify to the current situation of desolate abandonment of the ateliers, following the violent hailstorm at the end of August 2023, created by the photographer Roberto Pellegrini in February 2024.
This exhibition is part of the exhibition "Corrispondenze. Italo Valenti e i sodalizi artistici tra Vicenza e Locarno", set up at the Pinacoteca Casa Rusca, for which the Fondazione Remo Rossi collaborated, making numerous works from its collection available in order to recreate in Sinopia the environment of the golden years of the complex of ateliers of the ancient Via dei Marmi.


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