The unloading of the Grà



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The unloading of the grà takes place about three weeks after the loading, whatever the weather. It is usually done between late October and mid-November.

The unloading involves putting the still warm chestnuts in long canvas sacks and beating them repeatedly with logs until the skins of the chestnuts begin to shatter. The chestnuts are then separated from the remains of their skins and cleaned by hand before being returned to their owners. Every year, instructors from the Centro Natura Vallemaggia, in partnership with the APAV, the 7th district Ufficio Forestale and volunteers provide educational activities for schools local to the Moghegno grà, including the beating of the chestnuts, the chestnut weevil, the mill at which some of the dried chestnuts are made into flour, the grà, the torba, chestnut woods and an entertaining story.

8.11.2023: 'An afternoon at the Gra', unloading, threshing, sorting dried chestnuts, accompanied by the music of Paolo Tomamichel and enjoying the fruits of the afternoon. From 2 pm to 4.30 pm!

9.11.2023: educational activities for schools local to the Moghegno grà, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

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