Danza “Quello che resta”- Italia / Svizzera




By and with: Angela Calia and Narrative Bodies

Based on intense research on the theme of love addiction and self-determination of the feminine, this dance theatre performance is inspired by the mythological figure of Calypso and her love story with Ulysses and explores the different stages of the love relationship, up to the loss and the rebirth of a new feminine. The route stems from the archetype of myth and the world of enchantment and repetition, to then evolve through an increasingly concrete choreographic language concrete, highlighting that profound link between the divine and the human, between fate and choice. In a sound environment that reproduces the inner world of the protagonist and through a minimalist scenographic concept, concrete and symbolic, Calypso's island becomes a solitude of abandonment, of eternity and waiting. The monologues of her inner world taken from the text Contr'Odissea Il canto dell'amore escluso by Stefano di Lauro, constitute a contemporary rewriting of the myth.

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