Digital Detox / Regenerating experience



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Do you want to:
• Take a break in your busy life?
• Free your mind?
• Return to your deep needs and nourish them?
• Regenerate your body, mind and spirit?
You can choose between :
3-days program, 5-days program or 7-days program
Let me offer you an experience in a wild environment in the Swiss Italian mountains, with regenerative practices:
• You will live in a “rustico” (mountain hut) with only solar electricity.
• You will make a fire every morning to get warm.
• You will wash your body with cold water, in the ancient way.
• You will spend some days without your smartphone or tablet and give precious time to yourself.
• You will cook on a gas stove.

Every day we will spend 4 or 5 hours together and I will offer you:
• Energetic treatments (from my burn out prevention program)
• Walks on “places of strength”
• Daily guided meditation in Nature
• Float and relaxation in the saltwater SPA of Locarno
• Tantric massage (Kashmir massage) (only for 7-days program)
• Experience of co-operation with „spirits of Nature“ in my personal garden
• Life coaching.


  • Get-togethers