Digital Learning Discourse



"Digital Learning Discourse"
(round table in English)

Learning and sharing in the classroom is increasingly taking place in the digital space, not only since the pandemic of COVID-19. Available digital technologies complement classroom teaching and increase flexibility in terms of time and space. Teachers can also exchange ideas and engage in professional development between schools. However, conversations in the digital space and learning through these conversations are not always comparable to face-to-face contact and exchange. Alongside the many advantages of new technologies, there are also limitations.

Within the framework of the conference "Advancing (Digital) Learning Discourse" on Monte Verità, organised by Prof. Dr. Fritz Staub (University of Zurich) and supported by ETH Zurich (Stefano Franscini Congresses, CSF), the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Aebli-Näf Foundation, a public panel discussion will be held on Thursday 8 September 2022 from 20:15 to 21:30. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Dominik Petko (University of Zurich), who will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the digital learning discourse with international guests Prof. Dr. Christa Asterhan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Prof. Dr. Sara Hennessy (University of Cambridge, UK), Prof. Dr. Sten Ludvigsen (University of Oslo, Norway) and Prof. Dr. Lindsay Clare Matsumura (University of Pittsburgh, USA).

The event will take place in the Monte Verità Centre Auditorium and will also be streamed online. Participation is free and open to all researchers, practitioners and the general public. For on-site participation, please contact the CSF team ([email protected]) and for online participation via Zoom, please contact the conference organisation team ([email protected]).


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