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The works on display are each closely linked to the history of the materials from which they were created. They consist of found objects discovered at the exhibition sites, which are now given new life. The aim? To show what often remains hidden and discarded. One that Maddalena Mora has set herself - she is the in-house artist at the Eden Roc Hotel and curator and facilitator of ETRA.

The installations are based on a wide variety of methods and art forms: Vertically arranged surfaces of recycled paper full of memories of their past meet here with projections of metaphysical geometries, which, like technically staged auroras, loom over mighty icebergs of recycled plastic. Hotel shop windows are transformed into miniature digital stages and thus into chambers of wonder through which the intangible is expressed in the spectacle of these immobile objects armoured with abundance.

- Maddalena Mora: Sculptures and installations
- Roberto Mucchiut: video installations
- Theatre Academy Dimitri: Selected video installations and performances

We invite all guests of the Hotel Eden Roc and all those interested in art to visit the exhibition free of charge.

The exhibition can be visited at Casa Epper from Thursday to Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00. Please ask at the concierge desk.

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