Ensemble Jupiter




Thomas Dunford lute, artistic direction
Lea Desandre mezzosoprano

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759)

«With darkness deep» da Theodora

«Fly from the threatening vengeance fly» dall'Occasional Oratorio

Danze dal Terpsicore

«As with rosy steps the morn advancing» da Theodora

«Prophetic raptures swell» dall'Oratorio Joseph and his Brethren

Suite da Theodora

«Will the sun forget to streak» dall'Oratorio Solomon

«Sarabande» dalla Suite n. 4 in re maggiore

«Guardian Angels» dal Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno

«No, no I’ll take no less» dall'Oratorio Semele

Theodora, Terpsicore, Joseph and his Brethren, The Triumph of Time & Truth and Semele are just some of the 24 oratorios the great Handel composed during his long life: an exciting blend of overtures and gorgeous vocal arias, mixed with dances, passacaglias and sarabandes, which are some of his best instrumental works.This mix of mythological roots, hagiographical ideas and biblical tales was once the British public's undisputed favourite genre, and today it provides an unmissable collection of baroque sounds, universally considered a paragon of beauty. Taking on this exciting programme is the Jupiter Ensemble, which has recently released a Handel record of its own, described as “a baroque West Side Story”, featuring Thomas Dunford and the highly acclaimed mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre.

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