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"Ephemeral Art" is the debut exhibition of Michel Kehl, Architect and Land-Artist, who creates his works under the pseudonym JUST BLACK.
Michel Kehl is a native of eastern Switzerland, born in 1973, lives and works in Ticino since 2006.

His first inspirations were images of works by Land-Art Master Andy Goldsworthy from the 90's, and later his documentaries "Rivers and Tides" (2001) and "Leaning into the Wind" (2017).
Goldsworthy's works are characterized by transience, they are ephemeral, that means they exist only briefly.
It demonstrates the beauty of nature and a place by combining their shapes and colors into harmoniously composed objects for brief moments, but then leaving them to natural decay.

Most of the places where Michel creates objects already have a special mysticism and energy, they are places of power for him which he completes with an artifact.
The sculpture enters in dialogue with the place and creates a tension, and when you find the perfect viewing point, the energy level increases exponentially.
The artwork with its silent presence then radiates its full power, becomes the center of the place, and captivates the attention of people and animals.
Exactly these moments are captured and frozen in the exhibited images.

Photography, however, lacks the movement of the water or the wind in the branches of trees... therefore the exhibition is designed to be interactive!
Scan the QR codes with your smartphone and be enchanted by the objects and the movement of the elements.
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