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Esposizione: Antonio Ciseri e gli antenati - da Ronco a Firenze


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Antonio Ciseri and his ancestors
from Ronco to Florence

From 19 June to 17 October 2021, the Ciseri house in Ronco will be exhibiting Ciseri's memorabilia. Registers of the baptised and deceased give an account of the painter's biographical traits, relatives, ancestors and his involvement, as an authoritative mediator between communities, in the events of the time. A historical-genealogical study, based on public and private archive sources, has brought together the data and traits of the Ciseri, who emigrated from the beginning of the 17th century to the end of the 19th century. The phenomenon of artistic emigration to Tuscany will be highlighted not only through documents on the architecture of the Ciseri house, but also by illustrating other patrician houses of Ronco.


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