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René Gertsch (1939 - 2007) "the little painter" born in Brévine in 1939 summarizes all the criteria of Art Brut.

He painted with passion on anything he found: candy boxes, scrap wood, packaging, receipts, napkins, books.

He spoke little of his paintings, the art market did non interest him but it was not long before his animals, his landscapes and his floral paintings, inspired by life, found buyers and became coveted items for collectors.

Nothing has changed for René. Always faithful to himself and his style, he continued to paint even in his last days, signing many of his works a few days before his death, in 2007, probably knowing that the "little painter" had become a recognized painter who created great things without knowing it.


Vernissage of the exhibition on Friday 4 March from 6 p.m. in the Corte Fiorentina in the Città Vecchia in Locarno.
For visits to the exhibition, please call 079 660 56 66.


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