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Italian artist living and working in Switzerland.
Daniele Mancuso, former private aircraft pilot, is an eclectic painter with a great sense of balance. In his works the informal and figurative signs are together, thanks to an acrobatic colors and lines continuos play.
In some paintings, executed in mixed materials, the viewer has a strong point of view; protagonists come suddenly to life, and they emotionally communicate with the observer.
Medusa seems to stage an ethnic dance with the rhythms of an ancient voodoo tune. Music, lines and colors are the main ingredients of an original poetry.
Mancuso winks, in a contemporary key, at the interpretation of the signs and the stylized line of the ancient graffiti, synthesizing primordial forms of visual communication together with the most recent street art, as in "shout".
Daniele Mancuso is an "aviator" artist, who literally dominates human soul emotional perturbations through brushes and colors.

Opening hours: by appointment on +41 79 660 56 66 or [email protected]


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