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Elide Catenazzi – Beeler My artistic development started in the seventies at the School of Art in Lugano, where I graduated in Decorative Arts. Later, I became a teacher of artistic activities at the middle school. I dedicated myself to sculpture at the Academy des Beaux Arts in Geneva and ceramic at the London School of Pottery in London. In Ticino, I taught drawing and artistic activities at the middle school and at adult courses, with focus on producing theater plays, making dolls and puppets, creating big nativity scenes, painting with watercolor and oil and sculpting with clay. ‘’ With this exhibition I would like to pay homage to the female human body, to its grace and beauty, in a humorous and light way. I tried to represent my passion for dolls by creating puppets with different themes, sometimes musical, built with papier-mâché, since this material allows me to realize soft forms and volumes, that portray the figures in a harmonious and fun way. In the paintings of the exposition, the theme remains playful, as well. The figures exit the painting’s”


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