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Fausto Gallotti
He is born in Brissago on August 19th, 1923. At age 15 he starts an apprentiship as a painter and decorator in Canton Argau. After two years in the army during the second WW, he returns to Ticino and starts work as a painter in his father’s Carlo Gallottis company. In 1953 he takes over the company until 1957. From 1958 til 1969 he takes over other businesses and shops, which he will shut down by 1969, due to the economic crises. In February 1970 he returns to his original profession as a painter and passes on the business to his son Diego in 1983. He dies in 2003.

He had 2 passions:
1- The game of ‘bocce’ where he wins several championships and took care of the deoration of the ‘bocciadromo’ in Brissago.
2- Oil painting, mainly landscapes and portraits, as well as drawings with charcoal pencil.

His creative production is small and divided in several periods:
1938 - 1942 during apprentiship
1948- 1951e
1962 - 1963 during recovery at the sanatorium in Arosa
1970 – 1981. 1990 – 2003

His production was private, we are not aware that he sold paintings, he presented them to family.

The gallery Amici dell’Arte di Brissago presents an exposition of his works, prepared by his son Flavio. Vernissage Sunday October 8th, 2023, 17.00.
Opening hours: From Tuesday to Friday 15-17.30, Saturday morning 10-11.30
or upon apointment: [email protected] 091 793 43 36. Or Flavio Gallotti, 079 691 44 46


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