Exhibition Malù Cortesi " Diario dell'asfalto"



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The exhibition, introduced by sports journalist Stefano Ferrando, consists of some 30 previously unpublished works. After 13 years, Malù returns to exhibit at Mazzi Gallery and does so by presenting a series of works arising from the many long journeys he has undertaken since 2008 in the saddle of his bicycle. During these very long rides, which have taken him to countries as far away as Santiago de Compostela, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Uzbekistan, with only the strength of his legs, Malù begins to see the marks on the asphalt with other eyes: they are no longer just ruts, fractures, patches in the tar, but they become stories of past wars, signs of suffering experienced, of wounds that are often still open. It was precisely from these reflections that the inspiration was born for the works exhibited in Tegna.


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