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The painter Oskar Dikman, little known today, was born on January 12, 1896 in Vienna as Oskar
Franz Emil Dickmann. He spent his youth in Zurich where, in addition to training as a
graphic designer, he devoted himself to music and piano studies.
He also attended the art school of the painter Willy Fries.
In 1936 Oskar Dickmann moved to Ascona where he lived with his wife Marta Hediger and their son Roberto in the
their son Roberto in the Casa Torre dei Carcani on the lakeside.
Since the late 1940s, his works bear the signature Oskar Dikman. His
portraits and self-portraits, rustic and farmhouses, landscapes and religious faces.
religious faces.
From 1950 Oskar Dikman lived in Muralto, most recently in Villa Luisette in Via Rivapiana.
He died on December 14, 1972.
The paintings exhibited here and reproduced in our catalog had never been shown before.

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