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Silvestro Mondada was born in Minusio on January 29th, 1917. After completing high school at the Papio college, he studied Art in at the Academy in Rome, where he also frequented the atelier of the painter S. Lipinsky until 1937.
The following 2 years, till May 1939, he alternated studying and travelling to Capri, Florence and Naples. He left Rome due to the war and subscribed to art courses at the Académie des Beaux-Art of Lausanne.
He returned to Ticino, where he starts working at the tax offices in Bellinzona and Locarno, while not giving up his art work. He will expose his paintings in Switzerland and abroad. He also cooperated in the publication of several magazines (Locarno Film Festival, ‘il Farfallone’ and advertisement for the Flower Festival) and is the author of seven glass paintings in the church of Minusio.

After retirement in 1977, he fully focused on painting and exploring different artistic styles.


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