Extraordinary Ocean!




In the autumn of 2019, Graubünden-based composer Gionata Pieracci and Ticino-based sand artist Lorenzo Manetti decided to create a show to raise awareness of the issue of plastics reaching the ocean vortices, the issue of microplastics in ecosystems, and also the operations being carried out around the world to tackle this problem, which has become increasingly pressing since the 1980s. The show is entitled "Extraordinary Ocean!", is performed in the three national languages and is now in its tenth performance. One of the 12 finalists of the Swiss Talent SRF 2023 (out of 200 participating groups), the show of music and sand drawings lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes and audience donations are donated to charity for Operation The Ocean Cleanup and the Italian project Atlantis. Relax and let the music at a frequency of 432 Hz and the fine Adriatic sand take you on an amazing journey.