Face Yoga Workshop




Facial Yoga is a series of anti-age exercises that studies show significantly rejuvenate the appearance of your face. It is a calming self-care discipline that, when done properly, integrates and connects the face/body, breathing and mind, making it a natural anti-age practice. Studies have shown that facial exercises contribute to significant rejuvenation (they make you look younger), they also help with conditions such as TMJ problems, hemifacial spasms and Bell's palsy, and they are great for stress relief.
Jasmine is a trained face yoga teacher and specialist. She guides people to recognize their uniqueness, embrace their beauty and unleash their true radiance. With her methods recognized in America also by doctors (MD Neda Amani USA, posture specialist), she helps her clients to improve their posture and muscle strength and therefore tone. It is a natural approach to enhance beauty and slow down the aging process.


  • Sports events
  • Get-togethers