Federico D’Attellis & Patricio Sullivan - Duo charango & guitar from Argentina




Guitar & charango – Argentinian music.

Federico D'Attellis (7-string guitar) and Patricio Sullivan (Charango, Median, Ronroco) are composers with an extensive background in academic and popular music and have a great recognition in Argentina and abroad.

Their latest album "Final Abierto" was born from working and composing between Berlin and Buenos Aires, creating an original repertoire of Argentine music that combines with subtlety and balance this new search for sound.

The musicians performed together for the first time in Switzerland in November 2019, during a European tour of Sullivan. From this meeting, in addition to the album, was born, with the help of the Argentine Chancellery, the Centennial Concert in honor of Ariel Ramirez, held in Berlin in December 2021. In March of that year 2023, they presented their album at BebopClub, a prestigious venue in Buenos Aires, with notable guests.

The charango is an Andean instrument that Patricio Sullivan plays with an urban and contemporary look. Federico D'Attellis gives his guitar a great chamber music treatment.

Ages 6 and up | 60 min. | Music


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