Festa sul Colle di S. Anna




The festival of Sant'Anna is a very heartfelt and loved anniversary by the inhabitants of Gambarogno and Locarno.

The Sant'Anna hill can be reached on foot from Indemini, from Alpe di Neggia (via Frana or via Monte Gambarogno), from the Vairano and Gerra mountains.

To reach the party, helicopter transport will be available from the Indemini heliport without reservation starting from 08:30.

At 11:00 the Holy Mass will be celebrated followed by the procession with the statue of Saint Anne.

At 12.30 pm polenta with side dishes (stew, cheese, etc.) will be distributed.

In the afternoon the lottery will be drawn and we will continue to sing together with the Members' Band.

Return by helicopter from approximately 3.30pm


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