Finisterre - a festival like a musical pilgrimage



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Finisterre: the search for the end of the old world or for a better new world connects historical times with our own and the Festival Rümlingen with the Ticino Teatro del Tempo and the Assoziazione Olocene in the Valle Onsernone. Places and paths in Ticino are walked and played together, artists and audiences are on their way to musical experiences and discoveries in places steeped in history.
Monte Verità, 120 years ago the stage for an alternative, socially critical, nature- and body-loving coexistence, the Brissago Islands in Lake Maggiore, which were settled in a similarly utopian way a little later, the Celtic cult site of Baladrum, the Valle Onsernone, which attracted numerous hippies in the 1970s, or the dilapidated Bagni di Craveggia in the border no-man's land between Italy and Switzerland: music, theatre, dance and installations allow all these places to be experienced anew.
International artists who themselves have made pilgrimages to these special places or along the paths between them deal with the old and possible new utopias in very individual ways. All of the festival's works were created for its places and wanderings and are realised and performed here for the first time.
Being on the move, both internally and externally, is the basic form of "Finisterre". The question of the possible or at least imaginable other should and may be asked again and again. Whether it can be answered must (still) be left open here.

Finisterre - A festival as a musical pilgrimage
28 July to 1 August


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