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This year’s second temporary exhibition at the Ghisla Art Collection of Locarno is Flavio Paolucci - I sentieri il sentiero, running from 9 September 2018 to 6 January 2019.

Following the exhibition of historical works by Mario Nigro, the Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection of Locarno turns its attentions to a Ticinese artist. From 9 September, we will exhibit a series of works (paintings, sculptures, installations) by Flavio Paolucci, who was born in Torre, Val di Blenio, and active in Biasca. Over the course of his long artistic career, Paolucci has exhibited in all of Switzerland’s main cities as well as in Germany and Italy.  

The current exhibition is a homecoming of sorts for Paolucci, who made his debut in 1958 at Locarno’s Il Portico gallery. At that time Paolucci – a young, up-and-coming artist who had just received an important award at the young artists’ biennale in Gorizia – exhibited his work alongside that of the older and more accomplished sculptor Giovanni Genucchi (1904-1979).

Our exhibition charts Paolucci’s artistic trajectory over the last thirty years, during which time he has sought to attune his creative expression to the world of nature, utilising natural materials such as sticks, branches, paper, stone, marble, pigments and even soot. Indeed, the latter has become Paolucci’s tool of choice, serving both as the base for his paintings and often as the coating for his sculptures.

Curated by Luigi Cavadini 

Opening times: 

Wednesday - Sunday: 13.30h - 18.00h
Monday - Tuesday closed

Entrance fees:

CHF 15.-  Adults
CHF 13.-  Seniors (AVS)
CHF 11.-  Children (from 12 til 18 years) and students
Children til 12 years free

Audio guide system included in the entry price.

For groups with guided tour please contact us.

Accessible to people with disabilities.

More info: www.ghisla-art.ch


Legend pictures:

1. Flavio Paolucci, 9 numero terminale (9 terminal number), 2005
legno, vetro, rose / wood, glass, roses
cm 100x400x19

2. Flavio Paolucci, Il lungo racconto (The long story), 2017
bronzo / bronze
cm 176x272x120 

3. Flavio Paolucci, L’uovo è stato tolto dal piedestallo, 2005
legno, colore, vetro, marmo / wood, colous, glass, marble  
cm 147x250x70

4. Flavio Paolucci, Arca (Ark), 2006
legno, carta, colore, fuliggine / wood, paper, colour, soot
cm 70x180 



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