Floral Journeys - To the Orient and Beyond




Public guided tours on Whit Monday
(29 May)

Botany and Cultural History in the Garden of the Ronco dei Fiori
With Philip Carol and Silke Balemi

3 pm Guided tour in German
4 p.m. Guided tour in Italian

As part of the exhibition "Arp. Journey to the Orient" exhibition, the Fondazione Marguerite Arp celebrates spring in the garden of the Ronco dei Fiori with a guided tour inspired by the Arp couple's journey to the Orient. In the enchanted garden that surrounds the Arps' home and studio, you will be accompanied by Philip Carol, specialist gardener for landscape design and responsible for the maintenance of the historic garden, and art historian Silke Balemi on a journey into a blooming world and exciting cultural history.
The two experts will make the exotic natural treasures in the garden of the Fondazione accessible to you from a cultural-historical and botanical perspective and transport you to the garden landscape that Hans and Marguerite Arp experienced and loved.


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