Floyd Division - The Pink Floyd Show



Floyd Division - The Austrian Pink Floyd Show

Floyd Division - The Austrian Pink Floyd Show from Vienna, is one of the most authentic and above all best Pink Floyd Shows in Europe and the clear No. 1 in Austria.

With passion and virtuosity, the timeless music and dense live atmosphere, for over 10 years now extremely successful on the stages of Europe, is celebrated title after title.

Countless successful concerts in Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Switzerland speak for the live qualities of the 10-piece band from Vienna.

You can expect a "Best Of" program with all the big hits and thoroughly overflowing psychedelic landscapes in the best Pink Floyd manner, plus the complete album "The Dark Side of the Moon".

The concert evening will be supported by a special light show, as well as by spreading visualizations in the center of the stage.

An emotional and unforgettable sound experience - a multimedia journey through the world of one of the most formative and influential bands in rock history can begin and will put the audience in a "Comfortably Numb" - pleasantly stunned mood.

Free Press Saxony:
"Pink Floyd - A legend is celebrated. About 1200 visitors experienced a multimedia show perfectly staged by Floyd Division with the songs of the British rock band on Friday evening on the Seebühne Kriebstein. The audience gratefully soaked up the pieces, which were delivered in solid handwork and brilliant sound".

Passau New Press:
the Vienna Troupe is considered one of the most established tribute bands in Europe. "A journey through endless soundscapes by Pink Floyd, a sound that could not be closer to the original", the Passauer Neue Presse rejoices



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