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Photography exposition by Agostino Rossi

….Photographs are like coulds , » they come and go, sometimes they stop, come and go again, then return, »
(From the album « Le nuvole » by Fabrizio De André)

The pictures of this exposition are like huge tiles of a neverending puzzle that opens the gates to emotions.
For Agostino Rossi taking pictures means looking at the world. These photographes have allowed the artist to meet people and tell their stories, see nature and other beauties that gave him as a human being and as a photographer emotions, that he had to capture and save to keep a trace.
The artist did not search for the subjects, they came to him through life.

Vernissage : Saturday August 21, at 18.00
Opening hours :Tuesday – Friday 15.00 – 17.30
Saturday : 10.00 – 11.30
Sunday : 22, 29.08/12, 26.9/3.10: 14.00–17.00
In the presence of the artist


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