Gabriela Spector’s art at the Museo Casa Rusca - Locarno



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There is a starting point that contains the theme presented at the Museo Casa Rusca by the artist Gabriela Spector: it is the suspension of time that has unwillingly kept us apart from each other in recent years.
A physical distance that the exhibit seems to want to cancel or perhaps exorcise with subjects that recall the image of abandonment, of letting go into a long and tender embrace.
Of those hugs that surround us, in which we abandon ourselves and from which we re-emerge regenerated. A vital message, sweet, sincere, that brings up a strong attention to introspection, as if to symbolize the limits of human life and the exhausting inevitability of suffering and loss.
Hugs and letting go is all this, a formidable synthesis of the creative process to which Gabriela Spector has dedicated herself with great interest, patience, and meticulousness for over thirty years.
A path where her roles of artist, woman, partner, and mother intertwine and overlap, generating an original, direct, immediate, and universal artistic synthesis.
As are the themes proposed at Casa Rusca, born, and matured on the individual experience of the artist but, as such, deeply connected to the collective experience.
Starting from her South American origins, the artist translates her most intimate personal experiences into the universal themes of motherhood, identity, but also of travel and migration.
The central themes of a life that was turned into art, in which art welcomes life itself, and then let go and surrender in a sweet hug.
Her works are an extraordinary fresco of our lives which are real and concrete, like our bodies that are made of love, tenderness, bodies that find each others and seduce, bodies in which is carved joy but also traumas and pains of life itself.
Bodies in which we inscribe our future, but also in which is contained the yearning for what we have lost forever, a real overlap of souls, which is the hallmark of the works of Gabriela Spector.


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