Geological excursion: Locarno-Ascona


A walk from one continent to another.

On the occasion of the publication of the map sheet 159 Locarno of the Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25000, this excursion will reveal the geological history of a particular part of the Locarnese region, situated between Ascona and the Centovalli, where many interesting geological, morphological and archaeological features occur.

This excursion takes place in a key setting of the Alps where, over a relatively small area, many different rock types are exposed, some of which very rarely appear on the Earth’s surface. 

You will be able to observe rocks that once belonged to two different continents and an ocean, that have long since disappeared, or to deeper parts of the Earth.

In addition to the history of these rocks, you will discover how the landscape has been modified by water and ice over the ages and will discover prehistoric traces left by humans in this area.    


Meeting point: Post Ascona, Via Borgo 1, 6612 Ascona

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ritorno: Post Arcegno, 6618 Arcegno (bus 314 at 4.10 p.m.)

Language: Italian

Guides: Prof. Hans-Rudolf Pfeifer (Co-author Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25000, map sheet 159 Locarno) and Florence Lodetti (geologist)

Walking time: 3 hours, 375 m ascent, 195 m descent. Distance 15 km

Equipment: Good walking shoes, clothing suitable for cold, wet and/or sunny weather and good physical condition.Take along a picinic lunch in your backpack.

Sign up for the tour on 9 September 2018.




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