Gian di Ferro / rassegna OSA!



The young prince frees the greatly-feared Iron John from the cage where he is kept and follows him home into dangerous swamp. Due to the fact that he follows of his own free will the prince is not sucked into the swamp like those before him. Instead, he is initiated by Iron John into the mysteries of life. The savage turns into a wise master. The prince however fails to complete the task he is given by his master and must return to the world. Reaching a foreign royal court, he is unable to make himself known as a prince and can't speak of his experiences, and so he lives as a recluse. Only the princess is able to recognize his true royal qualities. She puts him to a test. All of us have a swamp somewhere inside us. We prefer not to gaze too deeply into this swamp – it could be disconcerting, unpleasant, murky. And so we try to stay on the surface of life, which almost works - but there is the constant presence of something hidden. Those brave enough to meet Iron John, to liberate him from where he is kept boxed-up and to follow him where he goes, will be guided to a new depth and freedom.


L'evento si terrà con una presenza massima di 150 spettatori

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