Gino @ Suzi Cuochi - Theatrical Performance




Gino & Suzi are the famous chefs of an equally unlikely successful restaurant. In an upscale place where customers are very demanding and they cook acrobatically to a swinging beat, they manage to satisfy all requests.
One day, however, as in all the most beautiful fairy tales, the spell of a perfect kitchen will be broken, an order that will literally come from above will manage to upset all their certainties.

After the show "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" (2017) and "The Time Machine" (2019), the very funny clowns from Krakow, Gino & Suzi, return by popular demand. As an absolute premiere in Ticino, we will be able to see this new show that they will put on as part of a theatrical tour in the 4 locations of the Evangelical People's Mission in Ticino, now from Jan. 1 in its new guise with the new name of Chiesa Viva Ticino.
The show is suitable for all age groups, and every audience member will be able to pick up on its message from the performers who communicate in a universal comic language through pantomime and music.


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