Giovinette - Le calciatrici che sfidarono il Duce




Pem Habitat Theatres - Italy  
"Giovinette" - The female footballers who challenged the Duce
Based on the novel by Federica Seneghini and Marco Giani
With Federica Fabiani, Rossana Mola, Rita Pelusio
Directed by Laura Curino

Dramaturgical adaptation Domenico Ferrari

1932, Fascist era. In Milan, a group of girls decided to found the Gruppo Femminile Calcistico, Italy's first women's team. Fascism supported the initiative. They could train, but not play in public. They had to use a rubber ball and not a leather one, wear skirts not shorts, pass the ball only at ground level. Their adventure lasted almost a year. On the eve of their first official match, the regime forced them to stop playing


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