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How many windows does the historic carriage in the old train depot in Camedo have? What is the peculiarity that makes Intragna unique and well-known throughout the canton? Where was the famous Clown Dimitri born?

A new offer, a new experience on board the historic train. Put your knowledge to the test and combine the journey on the historic train with a travelling quiz. Theme: the region and Centovallina.

Take the opportunity and experience this new proposal and have fun with an intriguing travel game that will take place in several stages and at different levels of difficulty. The first part will be directly on the train and will allow you to appreciate the magnificent scenery crossed by our railway line.

The game will continue at Camedo's depot with Rudy, Swissminiatur's mascot and Switzerland's largest squirrel! Enjoy!

Travel times - Morning
10.10 Meeting at the station (check-in)
10.28 – 11.17 Locarno-Camedo
12.17 – 13.04 Camedo-Locarno

Travel times - Afternoon
13.55 Meeting at the station (check-in)
14.13 – 15.06 Locarno-Camedo
15.56 – 16.46 Camedo-Locarno

Once in Camedo you will find a market with artisanal products and a snack service run by Osteria Grütli.

A unique travel experience created by the collaboration between Ferrovia Vigezzina Centovalli and SEFT (Società Esercizio Ferroviario Turistico)

The historic train will consist of the 1963 ABDe 6/6 electric train and a 1963 B123 carriage.

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More information
The Box Office
Station 3, CH-6601 Muralto
Tel. +41 (0)91 751 87 31
e-mail:[email protected]


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