I Comediant da Minüs “Una figlia da maritare”




Brilliant comedy in two acts.

What prompts Fiorenza Farloni, virtuous and coveted daughter of Michele and Livia, to choose Emiliano, clumsy and awkward son of the widow Persigatti, for her husband?
Emiliano's mother, Maria, cannot help but be pleased with the choice, failing to discern her son's very obvious lapses in beauty and understanding. But some signs cannot leave her puzzled, particularly the birth of her grandson, too premature and without any resemblance between father and son. Nor does it appear to be a marriage of interest, since the beautiful Fiorenza had at her disposal many other suitors, equally wealthy and far more attractive and discerning.

The widow Persigatti decides, discreetly to investigate by speculating that behind the young woman's strange choice there is actually an unmentionable secret. The investigation involves a number of hilarious, prancing characters: Dr. Pioda, always in the clouds; Don Sergio, a manly and very strict priest; Toni the farmer, with big shoes and a fine brain; Vittoria, the comrade and the gallant Cavalier Giorgio.

Ages 8 and up | 120 min. approx. with break | Ticino dialect comedy


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