Il Winnipeg



Show "Il Winnipeg” - Il battello con rifugiati di P. Neruda with the Compagnia Teatro Paravento, Locarno.

Year 1939; the poet Pablo Neruda sets up an old merchant ship, the Winnipeg, to bring more than 2,000 people safety in Chile at the end of the Spanish civil war.

Text and directed by Miguel Ángel Cienfuegos

with L. Ferroni, L. Zeolla, M. Capodieci, M. Á. Cienfuegos, D. Gagliardi

adults: CHF 22.00
students, AVS and ATP members: CHF 17.00

Reservations by Teatro Paravento, tel. 091 751 93 53 or on www.teatro-paravento.ch/formulario.htm.

More info: www.teatro-paravento.ch.


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